About Us

LA native Michelle Nguyen Williams, founder and designer of Quail, has come quite a long way from elementary home economics sewing and the endless scouring of secondhand stores in search of that hidden gem. Growing up, Michelle learned to seize each and every opportunity to exhibit her eclectic personal style by paying homage to days gone by, and her vintage finds acted as a mere springboard for her striking ensembles, whether by way of a fabulous fur coat or a simple fifties style day dress. Now, counting her well-put-together girlfriends as her muses, Williams has clearly articulated that every facet of life is more than capable of weaving its way into her designs.

Quail is the girl who sees the beauty in all things—the beauty in the moment—the potential for expression in every piece of clothing, new or old, perfect or imperfect. Albeit without any formal training, Williams spent most of her adolescence cutting, sewing, and reconstructing many of these looks into new, fresh ones. She developed a deep passion for this, and her intrinsic knowledge and understanding of fashion, coupled with her family’s encouragement for her to pursue her dream, forced her to take the biggest and most rewarding risk of her life. Today, Williams boasts her own line of chic, unique pieces that are taking both coasts (and everywhere in between) by storm. Since its conception, Quail has secured over eighty accounts with specialty boutiques throughout the US, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

Williams takes pride in creating affordable, wearable classics with modern, unexpected twists and is intimately engaged with every aspect of the designing process. As a result of this hands-on approach, her sophisticated silhouettes and impeccable knack for composition has garnered devotion from all women across the globe. An old soul with a vivacious spirit and zest for life, Michelle herself is the quintessential example of a Quail girl—a joyful young woman who spends her weekends getting inspired by art, music, and the vibrant culture that surrounds her. Just like her designs, she is colorful and quirky, feminine and fun, and shifts swiftly from day to night. A finalist in Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion 2008, Williams has been hailed by the media as a “woman to watch.” The good new is, we already are.