Wedding Accessories on A Budget

You think about your wedding from you were a little girl. Planning on what type of wedding dress you will wear the type of cake and how many bridesmaids you will have. You choose your partners based on your romantic notion of prince charming and then one day you find him. He proposes to you, and you have a wedding to plan and it will be important that you take every detail into consideration. Having a disaster on your wedding day is never something a couple plans for. That is why it is important for every detail of the wedding to be looked over, and not overlooked. This includes the location, time of year, theme, invitations, cake, food, wedding party, attire, wedding dress fitting and many other miscellaneous areas. Be prepared for all the tension that comes with planning a wedding and figure out how you will handle them.

One of the main things you can do is get a wedding planning workbook. Ensure it has all the resources, steps and guides that you can use to plan a wedding ceremony and the reception; from day one until the execution of the event. You will use this planner to keep track of all the details, and it will help you to remain organised. A workbook will also stop you from forgetting some of the minor details that may slip through the cracks and you won’t wake up on your wedding day, dreading that some minor detail was forgotten. You should also keep all invoices, bills and receipts in this workbook.


Wedding veil is another expense in the wedding. You can either borrow one or make one yourself and you can save some extra dollars there. On the other hand, you can save up on the shoe expenses as well. Typically a bride needs 3-5 pairs of shoes per wedding, for different ceremonies. Instead, you can choose one that works well with all outfits. Such a way, you will be saving a significant amount of money on shoe expenses.

Quite a few times, wedding stores may get you a discount if you were to buy items in bulk. Therefore, club your purchases together and buy your dresses or accessories from the same stores. With the current state of economy, it is difficult to earn money and therefore couples are looking for cheaper alternatives for their wedding. Designing your own wedding accessories can certainly take some time, however it will come out a lot cheaper.


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